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annuity calculators Annuities-Online have developed a series of calculators to help you with your annuity purchase. Many of them give a graphical analysis of the results to make it easier to compare the different levels of income that are available.

Conventional Annuity Rate Calculator
Calculate an annuity rate for any relevant age and sex using different annuity options. Graph of results to determine which income pays the most over time

Drawdown Calculator
Calculate the maximum income from a Pension Drawdown contract using 2011 GAD rates. Make assumptions for investment returns and graphically see what effect this will have on income over time.

Compare Drawdown against Traditional Annuities
Drawdown may offer a higher income than a traditional but it comes with risks that many people may not fully understand. This calculator will give you a valuable insight into the pros and cons of pension drawdown.

Level v Indexed
Ever wondered at what point an indexed annuity will pay the same amount of income as a level annuity? This calculator will give you the answer.

How does inflation affect an annuity
Inflation is a huge problem facing retired persons as they tend to have a degree of income that does not keep pace with inflation (savings accounts, level pensions). Over time inflation will erode the real value of you money, so if your income is not fully protected against inflation you could have financial problems later in life.

Cost of Delay
Annuity rates are perceived to be poor value, particularly when compared to the rates offered only a few years ago. Unfortunately, rates are not likely to improve since the most significant factor in determining annuity rates is life expectancy and we are generally living longer. Waiting for rates to rise could be a poor decision since you will be losing income that you would otherwise have started to draw. This calculator will show you the effect of delaying your annuity purchase. 

Live Annuity Rates
These are real-time annuity rates from leading annuity providers. Whilst this service will give you an accurate annuity rate it may not be the best rate available as not all annuity providers subscribe. For the widest choice and help with selecting the most suitable options we recommend that you contact us with your requirements.